Definitions and Settings pertaining to the Clone MP3s


Did you ever wonder what your clone sounds like before you add a pre-amp (either real or sim) followed by a Leslie (either real or sim)? Well, Dr Joho did. So, "naked" means that the MP3 of the clone is made with NO (Pre)Amp simulation, NO Leslie simulation, and NO Reverb. EQ is applied depending on where it is in the chain. If the EQ is before the Leslie Sim, it is applied.

So, in essence you are getting to hear what goes into the Amp and Leslie simulation.

These MP3s are made using both the Amp simulation, the Leslie simulation and Reverb. However, "clean" means that the lowest gain setting of the "pre"Amp is used to provide the least distortion possible.

These MP3s are made the same as the "clean" MP3s except the gain is set to provide some nice "organ" distortion. The goal was to match the distortion of an actual B3, specifically, the one on the LiminaEx12.mp3.
Dirty with Drums
These MP3s show off some of the technology that I will be using for the Jazz and Rock Organ groove sections. The MP3s above are exact "off the record" replications of the LiminaEx12.mp3. The Midi file that I created is exactly tempo matched to the original recording. All the note pitches and lengths are exactly what the orginal player played. I am still working on the expression algorithms so my reproduction of the expression pedal is not exact yet (they were done by hand - or rather by foot :-) In fact, it is so exact that you can play right beside the original and hear no or minimal difference. Furthermore, the Limina CD comes with a rhythm track of the drums and I put the Dirty version with the Limina Rhythm track to produce an exact version of the LiminaEx12.mp3 for each clone for you to judge how close each comes to the "real B3" (or at least the one that Limina was playing.